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[IP] bent needle

Hi again :0)
I lost a few pounds the last couple weeks and had to quite using the
soft sets all together. Now I have the sill's and bent needle's. I use
the Silhouette's where it is the most fleshy but they irritate me pretty
bad and I get less use out of them then the bent needles. I am stiill
having to change my sites everyday even when using IV prep and Bactroban
it does not bother me because my bg is much better. This morning I got
up my bg was 185 I know that's high but for me it is way improved, were
still working on it. I ate my usual took my usual insulin and went on my
way. I did not feel very well soon after but I thought I was tired and I
could not breath very well so I thought it was my CF and I needed a
treatment, did my treatment felt worse starting getting real tired and
said well maybe it's my bg. Took my bg it was above 600, took a
injection of Humalog downed about 16oz of water and looked at my site.
The needle had worked itself all the way around and the edge was poking
back out of my skin. So I change everything asap, went to check keytones
had huge ones and went to sleep to check in an hour, left instructions
with the family what to do if they could not wake me.
I was down to 369 in an hour (glad I sleep through that drop) also down
to moderate keytones ended up ok (not good) for the rest of today.
The bent needle is the most comfortable for me so far I can get almost
30 hours sometimes but now I am a little scared I wonder why that
happened. I was pretty bad off and if I had not of caught it I would not
have made it much longer before an ambulance would have to have been
called I was rapidly going the DKA route. I would appreciate any users
of the bent needle to offer me some of there experience or idea's.
Thank You So Much and Take Care

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