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Re: [IP] oreo's

Janet and Barbara,
I wonder if the type of fat matters. I know I have a terrible time with high
bg when I eat animal fat or much protein, but the fat in sweats seems to
have no effect on my bg and I always end up low even though it is the same
carb count. Gee well I can not say always since I have only done it a very
few times. I went back on my records and found that even on shots when I had
a piece of my daughters birthday cake and even went as far as to use a scale
for total volume I had a carb count of 66 on shots had a choice between 3
and 4 units to cover choose 3 and was low within 2 hours. The fat never
should up later like the oreo's. I am lucky I don't like sweets that much
bit it would be a good experiment to eat the same fat grams in different
foods and eat equal amount of carbs and see what happens.
Peanut Butter kills me I almost have to double my insulin but a cookie I
almost would have to use 1/2 the insulin and there are more carbs in the
cookie. You know I also have to count all my fiber grams or my bg goes very
high even a 10 or more gram meal, hmm
This disease is so ymmv can't say I am ever bored :0)
Take Care both of you.

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