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RE: [IP] Minimed customer service


I have had several bad experiences with Minimed, so here they are in order:

1.  My local Rep is almost impossible to get in touch with.
    So much so that not only I, but many of the other
    Minimed users in my area wished we had another rep.

2.  When ordering supplies through Minimed, I have had to
    wait from 14 days to 6 weeks for delivery.  The excuse
    given was that, they needed their insurance department
    to verify the insurance information on each order.  When
    talking to the Minimed Insurance Rep, she advised me
    that this was not true, my insurance company had
    approved a year worth of supplies and as such, they
    should have been shipped.  Hence, if the right doesn't
    know what the left is doing and the left is lying, I
    don't think I need to deal with the company.

3.  Upper Management, CEO, CFO and otherwise fail to answer
    calls or other forms of inquiry and redirect the
    questions or calls back to those sub-ordinates who could
    not appropriately answer the questions the first time
    around.  I hate being redirected!

On the lighter side, because I do believe in giving credit where credit is
due, the actual technical support area, you know the number you call when
your pump is acting up or when the tape on your infusion set fails, is
excellent, they tend to be more consumer oriented than the customer service
sector, funny isn't it!

I answer this to the list, not to bash Minimed, but to explain my reason for
dissatisfaction.  Both devices are excellent and each has something that
each consumer wants or needs, it is all a MATTER OF PREFERENCE.

Just my two cents!


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