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[IP] RE: Running without Dr.s

    I have been using my pump for two years with no CDE, or Endo. I did have
a special "family practitioner" that did all the necessary things so I could
get pumping and watched closely as I proved to him I was more than able to
handle the job. As a matter of fact I have all my records from him as he has
since retired. Now when I do go for the necessary visits to another doctor I
carry my records with me and then get copies of their reports. You do need
to have at least one doctor that you can see periodically to write the
orders for blood work and prescriptions that run out.
    This doctor I had for so many years, 10 or so, will tell you in a
heartbeat that I knew more about my diabetes and what I needed for my care
than any other person in the world. And you know. . . .  he is right.
    Don't be worried about treating yourself. Chances are you are the expert
on that subject.

Good luck,

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To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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