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Re: [IP] Diabetic in jail

I have a family experience that is similar to this story.  My uncle is a
diabetic also and was having an insulin reaction not knowing what it was and not
really feeling all that bad.  However, he was weaving back and forth on the
road.   A policeman pulled him over thinking he was drunk and upon him failing
the DUI test (not a breathalyzer), even though there was no smell of alcohol,
took him to jail.  There they threw him in jail and left him.  When he finally
became unconscious they decided something other than being drunk was the
problem.  They rushed him to the hospital.  No one bothered to make him aware of
what to look for and his awareness was not very good.  The second time it
happened he was driving along feeling fine when he passed out, crossed the
street into a car lot and totaled 5 cars.  Luckily no one was hurt including him
and the owner of the lot knew him.  The same police department was going to take
him to jail again.  Luckily the owner of the lot told them he was diabetic.  

Just because a person is having lows doesn't mean they shouldn't drive. 
However, if their awareness isn't good and they are having problems with it they
should take precautions not only for themselves but for the safety of others.

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