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[IP] Happy Virus revisited

There are a number of infected list members. As we find them, they 
are notified where to find the "fix".

Attached is my original post on where to find the antidote.
From: Michael at Insulin Pumpers
To: Win95, Win NT users, possible Win3.1 users with 32 bit libraries

The "Happy99.exe" mail virus has been received by the list from 
infected members.

DO NOT EXECUTE this attachment if you find it on a message
To be safe you should never execute an attachment with an *.exe file.

Short story from Datafellows:

NAME: Win32/Ska.A
   I-Worm.Happy, PE_SKA
SIZE:   10000

Win32/Ska.A is a Win32-based e-mail and newsgroup worm. It 
displays fireworks when executed first time as Happy99.exe.  
(Normally this file arrives as an e-mail attachment to a 
particular PC, or it is downloaded from a newsgroup.) 

For more information and removal instructions see:

Info: http://www.datafellows.com/v-descs/ska.htm
Info: http://beta.nai.com/public/datafiles/valerts/vinfo/w32ska.asp
Info: http://www.avp.com/happy/happy.html REMOVAL:

email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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