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Re: [IP] Diabetic in jail

> Greg Felton wrote:
> So what's the scoop on the diabetic in jail? >From what little I have picked
> up on from the postings here--the story has not found its way to Seattle,
> apparently--people think a grave injustice is being committed. Do I understand
> that folks are rallying for this guy's cause?
>     There was no criminal intent, but it appears the diabetic was seriously
> negligent in some way. Diabetes should not be an excuse for this tragedy. He
> should be charged with reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter at the very
> least. 

He was charged with First Degree murder because he was portrayed as a diabetic
in GOOD control, since he has A1c's of 7.1, but the whole idea that he was 
hypoglycemic before the accident was dismissed, based on testimony of a surgeon
who gave him a fast once over about re-attaching his severed arm. He couldn't
do so, incidentally.

Anyway, the surgeon, NOT an endocrinologist, said that his bg taken when he
was checking him, was 95 mg/dl. A nurse in the ER said that his bg was 46 (or
when he arrived at the ER, but her testimony wasn't allowed. His own endo does
recognize hypoglycemic unawareness as a possibility, so he said the diabetic
could drive. He'd already had 1 incident where he was unconsciuos in his parked
car, which was also ignored.

I don't know the case law or the statutes in Florida, but not
> controlling a diagnosed disease and causing two deaths puts the defendant
> squarely at fault.

Point of the discussion is that the doctor allowed him to drive when it was 
clear after the first incident that he shouldn't be allowed to, and the real
facts were never presented in the trial. He was railroaded by the doctors, 
in short. No real defense was made by his public defender, who really didn't
understand the reality of diabetes.

>     I am concerned that a person with diabetes should receive proper care
> while in jail, however. Is he still in jail? 

Yes, serving a life sentence.

I can't believe the guy wasn't
> released on his recognizance due to the diabetes, or at least given a low bail
> amount. Someone tell me, so I can quit this ranting: what's the story here?

Interestingly, the same court sentenced a drunk who killed several people 
while driving under the influence as a misdemeanor. Something is wrong with 
this whole situation!

Ted Quick
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