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Re: [IP] virus?

denise poole wrote:
> I was hoping to get some help regarding the virus all are talking about.What
> would I notice happening if I had gotten this virus? 

OK, it's a 2 step process:
1 You receive an e-mail, whether from the list or a separate person, which
has NO message, just an attached file called "Happy99.exe" shown on your screen.

2 If you make the mistake of clicking on the file it will start up, give you a
window (small, I believe?) with a fireworks display in it, then disappear.

After that, whenever you send e-mail it will send what you intended in 1 
message with another message having the same subject and containing ONLY
the attached happy99 file. That's hopw it gets around, people don't understand
what the attatched file is so they decide it came form the list, therefore
MUST be OK, and start another cycle back to the list, and possiblyelsewhere.

Very insidious little critter!

I'm also new to
> computers.I went back through all my old messages and did not see anything
> that was titled Happy exe, so I just assumed this particular message was not
> sent to me.

You won't find it in the title,, it only replaces the message with the attached
file. The simplest way to find it is to open each message and see if it appears
IN the message. If you have it, delete that message IMMEDIATELY, and clear old 
messages, which in Netscape is done with "Empty trash on local mail" in the
menu. That gets it out of your computer.

If you have any idea that Happy99 has infected your computer use Windows
to search the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory for SKA.EXE and WSOCK32.SKA. If so, go
Symantec's webpage for complete instructions on removing it. It's not very 
difficult, at least with this worm. Go to:


Ted Quick
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