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Re: [IP] IP Digest #856

Bagwill Family wrote:
> Okay, it happened again, the exact same thing only with #856 rather than
> #853.  I know how to go get this corrected one, but why does this virus keep
> attaching?  

It's designed into it. Once ANYBODY on the list mistakenly opens the Happy99.exe
file after receiving it attached to a blank e-mail message, which happens to
be subject labeled the same as a REAL reply sent at the same time, it will
here, and anywhere else that person sends any e-mail.

So once it's in the list it will only go away if EVERYBODY on the list
how it worksa and doesn't open any anonymous attached files. These files are
good, and may be bad, so please just delete the message WITHOUT clicking on the 
infected file.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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