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Re: [IP] oreo's

Hi Laura,

Mmmm...Oreos dunked in milk sounded pretty good after hearing your
description, so I went out and bought those double dip oreos or whatever
they are called, and tried the same thing, and had similar results... 
Hypo about one and a half hours later.

I've been serious about carb counting for a short time now, but I have
noticed it works well when I add some protein.  My carb ratio of 18
carbs to one unit H works well with eggs and toast and even with
homemade cookies, with much less fat, but I have overestimated lots when
I have a larger amount of carbs involved, therefore having to take a
larger bolus, and I always seem to then overdo the bolus.  Correctly
estimated for the amount of carbs, but going hypo later.  I've done that
with pasta and potatoes.  Now my rule of thumb is:  I estimate amount of
bolus needed, but if it just seems like so much more than is safe-- much
more than 3 units H at a time, unless I am eating a very large amount,
it is usually too much.  I am confounded too by it, and a bit of a
stomach ache from eating so many oreos!

Janet Riganti

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