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[IP] Misc.

I just had a few questions I thought I would throw out there.
1.  Has anyone noticed a change in insulin delivery when changing to a
different infusion set. I tried the tender this past week after using the Sof-
set since day 1 and noticed in the morning after doing everything normal and
basically the same as the night before, that I went  low, like 65.  I had the
same b-fast as the day before etc. I didn't know if the depth or anything
might change things....

2.  I got a sample in the mail from Mead Johnson of a snack bar for diabetics
called Choicedm.  It says that it has a slow release of carbs called resistant
starch.  It has 19 carbs...  How would you bolus for this.... I'm just hoping
it doesn't taste like any of those other "diabetic bars".

3. Scar tissue.  I have a tremendous amount of scar  tissue and areas in my
stomach that cannot be used with the pump ( I have found  this out quite
painfully and a 370 bs) I know not to use those areas again, but is there
something else that can be done. I.E. removing the tissue  or anything else...

Thanks for your help...
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