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Re: [IP] sick and high BGs

Roni & Jim Andrews wrote:
> Being anew pumper I am having all manner of learning experiences.  The one
> on Wednesday caused me to head for the ER in case I passed out (my BG
> dropped 150 points in 35 minutes).  When I got to the hospital my BG was 39
> and as I tried to explain what happened and was happening, all the doctor
> could do was ask how the pump worked, since he'd never seen one before!
> Give you lots of confidence in the medical profession.

Yes, but you must understand that doctors in Emergency Rooms only get to
see the new toys we wear when we happen to go in for some reason. Probably 
doesn't happen as much as diabetics WITHOUT a pump.....

> Since there are so many diabetics out there, one would think hospital
> emergency staff would know something about the disease other than to give
> glucose by IV if you are passed out!

True, but that's really the nature of their job: high level First Aid
till your normal doctor can be contacted.

Ted Quick
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