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Re: [IP] sick and high BGs


Being anew pumper I am having all manner of learning experiences.  The one
on Wednesday caused me to head for the ER in case I passed out (my BG
dropped 150 points in 35 minutes).  When I got to the hospital my BG was 39
and as I tried to explain what happened and was happening, all the doctor
could do was ask how the pump worked, since he'd never seen one before!
Give you lots of confidence in the medical profession.

I asked them to page my support person, which they did not do until they had
suspended the pump (which I told them NOT to do unless I passed out), and
badgered me into drinking WAY too much soda.  When I told the nurse I would
sip it and keep checking my BG she told me she thought I was obsessed with
keeping my BG under 60 (how ridiculous, as if anyone would WANT to feel like
a person with a 60 BG).

Since there are so many diabetics out there, one would think hospital
emergency staff would know something about the disease other than to give
glucose by IV if you are passed out!

Roni Andrews

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