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Re: [IP] oreo's

GTE/notebook wrote:
> Oh Ted, not confusing at all *g*. I have a 507C so I could try it. 

Me too, as of Wednesday!

> I don't know why I chose to treat the dropping sugar instead of adjusting my
> basel, I suppose I did not want to have to cover the sugar treatment later,
> and I think I was just expecting a different reading I thought for sure I was
> going to be high. 

Oh well, sounds like on a choice with a 50/50 chance of being correct youy 
chose the wrong one. Oh well, live and learn!

> Do you have any idea if the fat slowed the absorption why it did not show up
> in my bg later even with a whole soda? or am I missing something which would
> not be shocking :0)

Seems like your low was so prolonged it drained some glycogen from the liver, 
which was replaced within the time frame you're talking about. Pure guesswork, 
but that's what might have done it.

Ted Quick
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