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Re: [IP] Re First day of training

email @ redacted wrote:
> Have had IDDM for 29 years.  Gradually both parents, grandmothers, and 
> both ofMom's sisters have type 2 (they're in a national study) so many that 
> last yearmy endo decided to test me to make sure that I am a true type 1 (I am) 
> but she has had some Type Wierd patients too.  You are not alone out there.   

Seems to me that people can have characteristics of both Types, and in
both directions, too -- I know some people who are CLEARLY Type 1, but
who have developed Type 2 style insulin resistance as they age -- and
who have Type 2 relatives. 

On the other hand, in my family, we DON'T seem to be insulin-resistant,
and DM is not weight-related, but we don't seem to ever become totally
insulin-dependent, although definitely insulin-requiring, no matter how
thin. (Based on my grandmother, two aunts and an uncle!)(Neither parent
and neither sibling has or had DM)

I get to feeling alone because practically all the lay literature out
there talks as if there were only 2 types of DM -- either
insulin-dependent, DKA prone Type 1, or obese, insulin-resistant Type 2. 

But I have had a number of people on the lists tell me that they aren't
so easily classified either. Which is comforting! I struggled for a long
time over the Type issue -- until a friend finally put it into
perspective -- Type doesn't matter -- what matters is control and
avoiding complications, and living a comfortable life. So that's what
I'm after!


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