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[IP] Re: Pumpin Insulin Book

I put a message on the Med Pro site a few days ago about something like this,
well anyway, looking to see if there was a good Updated text, especially
regarding the use of Humalog.  No takers, however, one member (?Ted) reminded
me of the info on Humalog via this website links and it does give you new ways
to calculate things like the Sensitivity factor (1500 on regular...1800 on
Humalog) ....Calculating glucose drop per unit insulin..............and the
450 Rule (500 on Humalog)...help with calculating insulin per carbs.  Some
nice graphs comparing action peaks and duration of the two...you kind of have
to draw your own conclusions based on your own "mileage".  

I talked to a rep at the Minimed company 2 days ago who was "unaware" of any
new or updated" texts either being worked on actively or coming out soon.

I however, have the 89 version, so it could be worse.  I really like my other
text from Minimed too...The Insulin Pump Therapy Book...intro by
Skylar,....copyright 1995 .

Let me know if you come up with anything more recent.    Linda
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