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[IP] Method to find the Virus

Hi everyone,

Since I opened a message yesterday that said "happy 99" in the text of the
message, I was curious as to whether or not I have been infected.  I did
not have an attachment to this message to open (or not!).

I followed Michael's advice and went to one of the websites for information
on removing the virus.


They list a way to check (by yourself) to see if you have been infected
with the Happy99 virus.  I'm posting the info here for your convenience.
Fortunately, this search found no files on my computer so I don't think I'm

Mary Jean  (see below)

10.Optional If you aren't sure whether you are infected, choose Start, then
Find, then "Files or Folders".
    Then type WSOCK32.DLL in the "Named" box. In the "Look in" box choose
drive C: or whatever
    drive you have Windows on. In the "Containing Text" box type "ska.dll"
without the quotes. Then
    click "Find Now". If you don't find any files, that means that
wsock32.dll isn't the modified version. If
    you don't have the modified WSOCK32.DLL, the virus has no way to attach
to e-mails, even if you
    have SKA.EXE, SKA.DLL, and WSOCK32.SKA in the Windows System folder. If
you have
    SKA.EXE in the RunOnce registry section, and you haven't deleted
SKA.EXE, then the virus will try
    to modify WSOCK32.DLL the next time you restart the computer. If you
would like to check if
    SKA.EXE is in the registry, then do step 7. 

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