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Re: [IP] Curiosity questions

At 11:46 AM 3/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>My MiniMed rep told me that all of her clients eventually drop there MM in the
>toilet.  I found this rather humorous.

My wife did that!  It was a bad pump day altogether.  She normally uses a 
Disetronic but had a pump failure as soon as she got to work (hospital, 
CDE).  She then put on a MM  which she keeps around the office so that she 
would know both pumps well, and then she dropped that one in the 
toilet!  That was when she was reminded that the Disetronic is water proof 
and the MM is not.  On top of that, she came down with a cold which totally 
screwed her BG's anyway! 
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