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Re: [IP] Digest #583 (The Virus One)

At 01:31 PM 3/6/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Okay, I got the virus message, wasn't going to open the attachment just
>download the digest and over half of the messages that were listed in the
>front were not there.  It deleted a little over a quarter of a way through.
>Just stopped.  I tried downloading it twice and no luck.  Did anyone else
>have this problem?  or any solution?

For those of you who download the digests, I would recommend going onto the
IP website and reading the digest there, if possible.  They are all
archived.  Or, you can browse the individual messages by date.  I would
hesitate to download the digest with the virus attached.  The mail is
located in the member's only part of the website.  Your username is your
complete email address in lowercase letters.

Mary Jean
IP mail list admin team

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