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Pump approval, was...Re: [IP] prednisone

email @ redacted wrote:
 Steven is not on a pump yet.
> We've been denied by our insurance and are in the process of appealing it now,
> can you imagine how stupid the insurance is?  You see how hard it is to
> control on a pump, but try it on MDI and it's darned near impossible!

A thought for you: Have you tried asking a Manager in insurance company's 
office how many thousands of dollars in hospital stays they think it necessary
to avoid paying a few thousand for a pump NOW? You might be surprised how fast
they can change their "minds" (presuming they actually have and use them, of 

Get them to understand they will save A LOT of money by just approving the pump, 
andgo right up to the insurance company President if necessary!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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