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Re: [IP] Curiosity questions

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> First:
> The CDE told me to put a safety loop in the line when using the SofSet
> (and presumably the Silhouette, too), to keep it from tugging out if the
> pump is dropped. Is that a common practice? 

It's commonly TAUGHT, how commonly people do it is another matter entirely.
Also, Silhouettes don't need a safety loop because they are well enough
designed to actually STAY attached with just the tape on the base.

> The problem is that the portion of tubing between the connection and the
> insertion site is very short, and not really long enough for a loop, and
> if you make a loop that tapes down part of the tubing between the
> connection and the pump, you've lost the whole reason to have a
> disconnector!

Yup, that's why I use Comforts (Silhouettes in disguise). Actually, a loop
isn't necessarily the point, it's that there's another attachment away from
the base that needs to be pulled free before the base gets yanked on. What I
did, the few times I used QRs, was to tape the hose slightly short of the 
connector down slightly away from the base (mess of) tape with some slack
It's really just a tension relief, such as can often be seen inside of
equipment where the power cord comes it. They knot the cord just inside the 
case so that will bear any external pressure rather than the connections to
the works inside.

> Second:
>  My 2 cute and adorable 8-week-old kittens have discovered the tubing!
> I've gently removed it from their mouths when they've been too fast for
> me to shoo away, but is it going to cause any problems? Is the tubing
> tough enough to stand up, at least for a short bite, to kitten teeth?

Let's see, mayebn we can get them to print dogs on the hose? Coat it with 
"anti-catnip" (if YOU could stand the smell, I suppose). Hmmm..gotta think 
about this a bit! Anyway, the tubing should stand up to a nip opr 2, it's 
really rather thinck. Unfortunately any nipped area might be prone to stress
after that, so you would need to be slightly careful not to pull on it or 
bend it around corners RIGHT there, I suppose.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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