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Re: [IP] Those morning highs after breakfasts

Sam Skopp wrote:
> If you change your basals and/or boluses you need to know what your
> "lead-time" is. Although Humalog starts working within 15 minutes for many
> people, for me it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour. I don't peak until
> about 3 hours later.

At least for meals, my lead time with Humalog is 5 minutes. I've tested
that a couple of times by starting to eat too late (10min. after the
injection!) and going low during the meal. I'm not sure when exactly it
PEAKS -- I'm not sure how you can measure an insulin peak vs. a BG peak
-- but I do know it's gone in 4 hours.  

Pumping Insulin says that you should change your basal 2 hours before
the desired effect, but that's with Regular. For me, the onset of
Regular was 15 - 20 minutes -- so I'm not sure how to translate that
into Humalog.
> I hope this makes sense...

Yeah, it does.  There is a learning curve involved, but I'm really
enjoying it! 


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