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Re: [IP] oreo's

GTE/notebook wrote:
> Well my cde said go ahead and try covering some treats with your pump,
> and oh was I happy because my daughter was munching down on oreo's. I
> made sure I was at least 5 hours from my last bolus of humalog and took
> eight cookies and 1 cup milk for dunking :0) ended with a carb total of
> 98 carbs (double stuff).
> I take 1 unit for 23.5 carbs so I took 4.2 units of humalog with a
> starting bg of 111.
> I checked my bg in 2 hours like I do after everything I eat and I was at
> 75!.
> A 75 pp for me is very dangerous since consistently I have to be in the
> low to mid 200's 2 hours after food to maintain a normal bg at 3 hours
> after and for the duration until I eat again. So I drank a whole can of
> soda cause I knew I was in trouble and for the rest of the afternoon my
> bg did not rise above 128. I checked on both my meters just to be sure
> and felt fine but I don't understand what happened. My activity level
> was moderate, cleaning doing chores etc. So is there something special
> about eating sweets? or oreo's?
> For information purposes I always have a greater problem with fat and
> protein and high bg then simple carbs, so this may be a contributing
> factor.

OK, the problem IS the fat and somewhat slower carb in the cookies, as 
opposed to the filling. The filling raises bg fast, but the fat and carb
are absorbed slower. So, there are 2 approaches, depending on if you
have a a newer MiniMed 507 or 507s or not. With these pumps there is a
Square Wave Bolus feature and a Dual Wave Bolus (at least on the 507c,
maybe only the first on the 507?) Anyway with the Dual Wave you could
take a large part of the dose you decided on immediately to take care 
of the calories from the filling, then have a long square wave for, 
perhaps, 2 hours to take care of the rest. Of course if you don't 
have the Square Wave and/or Dual Wave you can do it yourself by taking 
the immediate part of the bolus, then use a temporary basal for the rest
of the time which muct include the normal basal rate plus the added rate
for the "goodies". It WILL take some experimentation.

There, was that confusing enough?

Also, a question: If you were going low after this experience why 
didn't you cut down the normal basal with a smaller temp basal rate
down to (but not below <Grin>) zero units per hour? Then you might 
have needed a small added snack at the begining without need to keep
eating so much. Hate to see you get overweigfht just to have a new bit
of a treat!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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