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Re: [IP] prednisone

In a message dated 3/5/99 8:58:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< We tripled his basals which kept his bgs good this am
 but he went up to 402 after noon. >>

Dear Doreen,

	Obviously, I'm late catching up with my list reading, I truly understand what
you are going through.  One of my D-sons (8 yrs old) has asthma also.  It's
pretty bad and requires daily meds to control.  Every couple of weeks he ends
up on prednisone to break an attack that just won't let go.  It's frustrating
to say the least!  The asthma meds alone wreak havoc with the BG's but throw
in a course of steroids and watch out glucometer!!  I think the poor machine
overheats from the usage and crazy numbers! Steven is not on a pump yet.
We've been denied by our insurance and are in the process of appealing it now,
can you imagine how stupid the insurance is?  You see how hard it is to
control on a pump, but try it on MDI and it's darned near impossible!  

	It's a pretty high dosage your son is on now (40mg), but you'll see
improvement as you taper down.....like you said, these next 11 days will be
crazy.  You may even find that it takes a day or two after he finishes to come
back to normal, because that's what I usually find with Stevie.  I don't know
if that's because he's on MDI and we don't have the ability to immediately
adjust basals or if the prednisone just takes a little bit extra time to leave
his body completely.  On MDI he takes Ultralente/Humalog and when we adjust
the Ultralente for a particularly bad time on prednisone, he ends up going
REALLY high cause we cut back too soon or going REALLY low, cause we didn't
cut back soon enough.....I can't wait to at least have the pump.  I know it
won't be a miracle, but I know it will be better than MDI when we have trouble
like that.

Good Luck and I hope your son is feeling better soon!
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