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Re: [IP] oreo's


Sounds like the fat content got you.  You might need to space the bolus out
more.  I've usually found that most of the "forbidden" sweets of my
childhood -- ie. ice cream, cake, choclate bars, etc, actually work at about
the same timing as most complex foods -- ie a tortilla and cheese -- but not
immediately like fruit or juice or cereal, rice or potatoes.  You probably
just need to figure out the timing.  I usually do this by taking 1/2 the
carb dose and then testing every 15 minutes for 2-3 hours and taking very
small increments of insulin -- .2 units as I get to about 120 each time.
The extra testing is a pain, but once it has worked once, I can usually wing
it from then on flawlessly.  For some bizarre reason, I seem to be able to
get the timing of a snickers bar perfectly but can never seem to get the
bowl of corn flakes quite right.  Of course, I only eat corn flakes maybe
once a month and snickers bars maybe every 6 months so it might also have
something to do with the frequency :-).

Good luck!

GTE/notebook wrote:

> Dear List mates,
> I hardly ever get time to post anything but I thought you may like to
> help me out with something *g* or maybe in a round about way I can help
> you. I am a very compliant diabetic so since my dxd almost 2 years ago I
> can count on one hand how many times I "cheated" with food, i.e. sweets.
> Well my cde said go ahead and try covering some treats with your pump,
> and oh was I happy because my daughter was munching down on oreo's. I
> made sure I was at least 5 hours from my last bolus of humalog and took
> eight cookies and 1 cup milk for dunking :0) ended with a carb total of
> 98 carbs (double stuff).
> I take 1 unit for 23.5 carbs so I took 4.2 units of humalog with a
> starting bg of 111.
> I checked my bg in 2 hours like I do after everything I eat and I was at
> 75!.
> A 75 pp for me is very dangerous since consistently I have to be in the
> low to mid 200's 2 hours after food to maintain a normal bg at 3 hours
> after and for the duration until I eat again. So I drank a whole can of
> soda cause I knew I was in trouble and for the rest of the afternoon my
> bg did not rise above 128. I checked on both my meters just to be sure
> and felt fine but I don't understand what happened. My activity level
> was moderate, cleaning doing chores etc. So is there something special
> about eating sweets? or oreo's?
> For information purposes I always have a greater problem with fat and
> protein and high bg then simple carbs, so this may be a contributing
> factor.
> Please Take Care of Yourself
> Laura
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