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Re: [IP] Those morning highs after breakfasts

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 07:34 AM 3/5/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
> >I am usually a little on the low side in mornings, but boy if I eat much of a
> >breakfast it shoots up and stays up until about dinner time.  ( Maybe I should
> >say lunch I am a southerner LOL).  Anyone else have a problem like this.
> That says to me that you're not bolusing enough for the carbs that you're
> getting. Some people have some insulin resistance in the morning and need
> to use more insulin-per-carb in the morning than they do for the rest of
> the day.

My biggest problem with mornings is that, yes, I have a dawn effect, and
even a moderate-carb breakfast will shoot me into the low to mid-200's
BUT I also have a plunge that happens around 11 AM, and taking more
insulin for breakfast puts me more at risk for a hypo later.

The obvious tactic is not to eat breakfast, but I LOVE breakfast -- my
favorite meal of the day! 

I wonder if taking my insulin a longer time BEFORE eating might help --
usually I have to eat within 5 minutes of taking Humalog or I'll go low
during the meal, but maybe I should try stretching that time out before

Whatcha think? 

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