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[IP] Curiosity questions


The CDE told me to put a safety loop in the line when using the SofSet
(and presumably the Silhouette, too), to keep it from tugging out if the
pump is dropped. Is that a common practice? The small number of pumpers
I've actually seen haven't done that. 

The problem is that the portion of tubing between the connection and the
insertion site is very short, and not really long enough for a loop, and
if you make a loop that tapes down part of the tubing between the
connection and the pump, you've lost the whole reason to have a


 My 2 cute and adorable 8-week-old kittens have discovered the tubing!
I've gently removed it from their mouths when they've been too fast for
me to shoo away, but is it going to cause any problems? Is the tubing
tough enough to stand up, at least for a short bite, to kitten teeth?

Hey, this is an adventure, but so far, so good!!!!


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