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Re: [IP] question to the group...

ellen baird wrote:
> got a question for the group... are any of you running a pump without an
> endo, cde or dietician??? I'm in a position where I must revert back to
> dealing with my family doc only...

I am, more or less. I got to a local internist who really knows nothing 
about pumps. Since I've got 42 years total experience and 5 on the pump
I basically use him for prescription writing, including my brand new pump.
At least he doesn't try to over-ride my decisions!

Of course I also want to add that when I got my frist pump 5+ years ago
I had to train my endo to train me. He'd had a few people moce into town
with pumps already attached, but hadn't started any on his own.
> endo got too pricey and can't afford his office visits... he won't
> negotiate and I have to pay him cash with each visit because as most of you
> know, I don't have and can't get insurance here...have to make a decision
> to either pay the electric bill or him for a visit... only endo within 300
> miles, so no real choices... cde and dietician are working in his office so
> I have to see him to access them...

The real question is how much do you need HIM and the others? If a GP can 
back you up reasonably well there's little reason to worry about it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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