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[IP] headaches


I don't know if this will help, but my 10 year old son and diabetic since Dec.
98 started this all with headaches in June 98. He got them sooo bad. We must
have gone to the doctors about 1/2 dozen times between July and Dec. We were
food testing, eye testing and diary keeping. Once he was diagnosed...it seemed
to get into better control with the insulin. I am sure it is related in his
case. If he gets high days-the headaches return OR if he has a yo-yo day, he
gets the headaches! For awhile, we were "mad" at the medical office for not
ever thinking diabetes with him til he hit DKA. anyway, that is another

Hope you find an answer.

FYI to the group: 1 1/2 weeks til we get an answer from the insurance about
kevins pump "appeal". They said they will be reviewing the case on March 16th!



P.S. To answer your cereal question:  Kevin likes Cheerios for bedtime, but in
the morning "2nd breakfast" he likes Frosted Flakes or Waffles!
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