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Re: [IP] sick and high BGs

In a message dated 99-03-05 15:04:11 EST, you write:

<< Why doesn't my insulin bring my BGs down? It seems to be keeping steady but
 lowering them. Is this just part of the cold I have?
 I don't think 99.5 is considered a fever.
 Anything else I should be doing? I am taking Vit C  and drinking alot of
 fluids. >>
Sounds like you are doing the right things. You might try a temporary basal
increase for 2 hours, check to see if coming down, continue temp. increase if
still high. Keep your MD informed. All depends on the bugs causing the
problem...they use your insulin and higher BG for their own growth. Plus, an
imflammatory process to fight off the infection can also raise your BG.   Hope
you feel better, soon.
Barbara B.
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