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Re: [IP] sick and high BGs

I have an appt for 6:15 to get checked out. It doesn't pay with this type of
sore throat to see what may happen, I don't think it is strep but ine never
As far as temp basals..How do I know how high to set them? I am at 1.4 on all
basals now..
Oh dear..never dull. One thing about diabetes though is that I can tell if
I am
getting sick...Funny they were not high yesterday when i felt the worse. 
Thanks for info..hope I don't need antibiotics as they always give me
My hubby has to drive me and that means a  2 hour drive home for him. I cannot
drive right now due to siezure meds. I slept good last night and feel like I
could sleep now..
The clinic said that this is going around. She sounded awful sick too. 
I haven;t been sick with this type of thing in years but I feel it may be
settling in my sinuses..and that I do need help with to get over.
Thanks for your help. It jut helps to know that other people experience
similiar things..
Ginny (Ahhhhh-CHoooooo) (I am thankful I put off going on my prednisone)
email @ redacted

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