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Re: [IP] Those morning highs after breakfasts

In a message dated 99-03-05 13:19:48 EST, you write:

<< if I eat much of a
 >breakfast it shoots up and stays up until about dinner time.  ( Maybe I
 >say lunch I am a southerner LOL).  Anyone else have a problem like this.
 That says to me that you're not bolusing enough for the carbs that you're 
 getting. Some people have some insulin resistance in the morning and need 
 to use more insulin-per-carb in the morning than they do for the rest of 
 the day. >>

This might be part of the problem, but also consider basal rates that might
need to be higher in this time frame. Also, keep in mind that most breakfasts
are either heavy on the carbs, or heavy on the fats, or both. Sometimes,
holding the breakfast fruit juice until after the solids is helpful. A certain
number of individuals need to omit fruit in any form from breakfast. (We have
seen this at diabetes camp.) For some people, a protein serving smooths out
the rapid BG rise from the carbs. A bit of trial and error might help find the
proble. I would suggest starting with testing the overnight basal rate, then
on another day, skip breakfast and test the AM basal from wake-up till lunch
time. (at least 5 hours)
Barbara B.
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