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Re: [IP] sick and high BGs

I came down with a super dooper cold in my throat. It burns when I cough
but do
not wheeze., My temp is 99.5. My nose is runny and when I cough I have a
productive cough but Ohh does throat hurt. Joints kinda hurt.
I have been drinking alot of water and testing my BGs. they are running
295-305..I am bolusing but  they are not coming down.
I had a cup of chicken and rice soup so far today.  No ketones.
I feel better today then I did last night.
Why doesn't my insulin bring my BGs down? It seems to be keeping steady but
lowering them. Is this just part of the cold I have?
I don't think 99.5 is considered a fever.
Anything else I should be doing? I am taking Vit C  and drinking alot of
email @ redacted

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