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Re: [IP] question to the group...

Ellen if you have half a brain and subscribe to this list with the other
half, then you can probably do without the family doc too!   But you may
want him/her around sometimes to do an A1C.  Most endos know less in
general than you and us, and even less about pumps.  Not to worry.  I see
my endo once per year, and all he does is ask me how I'm doing.  I always
tell him, "fine," and then we start talking about how the Orioles are
doing.  On my way out a tech draws blood.   If I didn't have insurance and
had to give him my own cash for this, I probably see him every 10 years,

<<<<<<<got a question for the group... are any of you running a pump without an
endo, cde or dietician??? I'm in a position where I must revert back to
dealing with my family doc only...
endo got too pricey and can't afford his office visits... he won't
negotiate and I have to pay him cash with each visit because as most of you
know, I don't have and can't get insurance here...have to make a decision
to either pay the electric bill or him for a visit... only endo within 300
miles, so no real choices... cde and dietician are working in his office so
I have to see him to access them...
Ellen B-C>>>>>>>>

** Wayne **

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