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[IP] re: Cereal, milk, and bananas

    I have been reading the topic of cereal and such and this is what I have
    Back in the "Dark Ages" when you had to measure everything and go by
"exchanges" a fruit exchange was just 1/2 of a banana. This was enough to
clue you in that this monkey fruit was high in sugar. You didn't have to be
no rocket scientist to figure that anytime you eat a banana or two and drank
a cold glass of milk and your BG would evidently go out of sight! I say
evidently, because back then, 1960, we did not have these wonderful little
machines to check our sugar every thirty minutes. Praise the Lord those days
are gone!
    Cereal, milk, and bananas are all high in sugar. Again, you know this
because of the way it wrecks your control. We learn these things better
after getting on the pump because we have to keep closer check on the BG's
and even if we don't take but two more tests per day after getting on the
pump that is "better control". We then start to see the foods that really
upset our control and the ones we can eat with few complications.
    Once you figure out what you have to do to eat these foods the problem
goes away. I was having the same problem when I first started on the pump
with MaltoMeal, toast and milk for breakfast. Every time I ate it my BG
would be to 300 in 2 to 3 hours. I was counting CHO's from the box and it
just didn't work. In my case I had to raise my bolus so high and inject some
Humalog to keep my sugar in control I just finally quit eating those three
foods at the same time. Too many carbs anyway.
    This also relates to the other subject of insulin and weight. It is not
the insulin that is casuing the weight gain it is the carbs you are trying
to cover. Sure. . . .  you gain weight with more insulin because you are
taking more insulin to cover the carbs you are eating. Any non-diabetic can
tell you eat less and lose weight! Eat more rabbit food and take less
insulin! No carbe in rabbit food, lettuce, celery, tomatoes (very few
anyway). Works for me and will for you too. Your ratios may be a little
different than mine but it will work every time. Put less in your mouth and
lose weight with less insulin.

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