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RE: [IP] Professionals and the real world

> email @ redacted wrote:
> Some of us live in the professional world and the rest of us
> show up here.
> And I'm glad you show up here, too!!!!  :)

Yes there are a few of us, who live in the Professional world and a few more
that live in the real.  I try to live in both, as you are familiar with the
need to balance both worlds I am sure you can understand this difficult
balance in some instances.

So when I am doing something that is not according to the "Standard of
Care", I always make it perfectly clear that this is what "I do", this is
not what I am recommending.

My recommendations are always within the SOC, but what works for me for the
most part is a bit different.  But I went to the school of thought, that if
it was safe, sane and did no harm, it couldn't hurt to try it!!

Just a suggestion for all pumpers and otherwise, and remember I too am a
pumper and otherwise, bear with your medical provider, they are doing what
they consider their best, some will not deviate from the SOC some will take

Think about it!

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