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[IP] Professionals and the real world

email @ redacted wrote:
> Some of us live in the professional world and the rest of us show up here.

And I'm glad you show up here, too!!!!  :)

I think the pre-requisite to reading a list like this is to listen, and
acknowledge that we are intelligent people capable of figuring out what
works for us. I know you can do that, Barb, because I've watched your
responses, and I feel you are quite reasonable, but I'm not sure about
all the others!!  :)

I think the partnership between DMers and professionals is GREAT when it
works, and I have been blessed with several professionals on lists that
have really helped a lot. They have even helped me deal with my doc, who
I find is not as scary as I originally thought he was!

Keep up the good work, girl! 

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