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Re: [IP] First Day of Training

Randall Winchester wrote:
> That's kind of odd, because the protocols and standards used around here talk
> about a 2 hour bg below 140.  That's what many patients are being told is the
> top end goal, but there are also many of us on tighter control that shoot for 2
> hour targets of 120.

Really? How achievable is that for how many people? I would be worried
that if I got a 2-hour PP, I'd be low at 4 hours, which is about how
long Humalog lasts for me (I know other people are different). 

On shots, at least, I can fairly reliably achieve a 2 hour PP of <200,
but even trying for <180 is difficult. However, by 4 or 5 hours after
the meal, my BG is normal (time to eat again!!!!)

I would LIKE to have lower PPs than that because at 180 or so, I start
getting symptomatic (which is probably because I DON'T have
off-the-chart readings!), and I'd rather not have the symptoms,
especially not the drowsiness!

Or is this going to be one of those experiment type things that I'm
going to have to work out for myself?
> There seem to be an increasing number of people who are not typical type 1 or
> type 2.  I've talked to a couple of doctors and CDE's who think that it is
> because the designations were too simple to begin with.  One doctor has a
> couple of children among his patients who are Type 2 - he said that a few 
> yearsago it would have been almost impossible to get that diagnosis to stick 
> becausethe definition of type 2 said "elderly"...  Then you get the strangeness 
> of people who are still producing some insulin themselves - even though type 
> 1 they are not fully insulin dependent yet.  The problem is that the box was
> built wrong and needs to be totally replaced!

But it's not GONNA be replaced!  However, at least I have a doc who lets
me do my own thing. I hope NEVER to be totally insulin-dependent -- it
seems to me that I've taken the right tack in insisting on going on
insulin and not going through the whole nightmare of orals -- my BGs
deteriorated fairly rapidly for the 5 months I was on increasing doses
of sulfs, but once on insulin, and once I got under control, my dose has
remained VERY stable. And I continue to have enough insulin production
to tide me over the rough spots so I don't go into DKA or have
astronomical BGs. (Diagnosed at age 44, I want to make it for 50 years
with DM!!!!)  :) 
> > So the trainer came to the conclusion I'm Type 2, and the dietitian that
> > I'm Type 1, and guess what, they're BOTH wrong! :)
> >
> That's why they are the "professionals" and you are the "patient"...

Well, what it really means is that I know my OWN body, and they are used
to thinking of people in categories. Which is what professionals do --
how could it be otherwise?? 
> Make sure that they don't mess up your records with crossed diagnosis and
> recommendations!  They could really mess things up and cause you trouble for
> years...

What does that mean?  I've already been through the "messed-up"
diagnosis in the sense that they tried all the type 2 D+E and sulfs
stuff on me -- and with the agreement of the endo, I refused the
metformin my GP was interested in. I will never try Rezulin, either --
it's fairly clear to me that I don't need them!

This must sound weird to the Type 1 folks on the list whose diagnosis
was clear from the start -- in some way, I guess it must have been a
good thing to have that certainty, even though it was an unhappy one.
With me, the flounderings around left me very confused and frustrated
for what seemed forever!

All done now! 

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