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Re: [IP] trouble with MM

Sam Skopp wrote:
> That's what I understand. It seems like a number of the units had an
> over-sensitive keypad, though. MM has been repairing them.

When I went in for my initial training, day before yesterday, and showed
the nurse that it skipped numbers frequently, she told me to call
MiniMed and ask them about it. 

The rep agreed to replace it, and the new one was here overnight -- and
it doesn't skip. 

She also said that if you're having problems with a new pump, you need
to return it within 30 days in order to exchange it for a new one -- I
was about a week over the 30-day limit, but I told her it was because I
hadn't been able to get an appointment sooner, so she relented and sent
me a new one. 

If it's misbehaving enough to bother you, then you should definitely do
something about it! 

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