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[IP] mexican food

Michelle wrote

> I'm wondering if anyone has tricks for bolusing for Mexican food.  I've
> only been on the pump for 2 months and thus far regular bolusing has not
> worked too well - my sugars will be OK about 3 hours later, but then go
> high, I guess as a result of the slow digestion of Mexican food.  Is the
> square or dual wave bolus the trick?  If so, for what duration of time?

I am going to watch these answers carefully, because mexican 
food can be tricky.
   I have found that you need be careful about eating too much.  
This makes things harder!  When I eat an average mexican meal, I 
take 3u bolus then another 3 with 3 hour square wave.  You usually 
cannot take the whole thing as a square wave, it does not work as 
well.  Often I check at two hours then maybe another two to make 
sure it worked.  You have to experiment.

Hope this helps,
Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
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