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Re: [IP] Nutrasweet Question

In a message dated 3/5/99 7:32:44 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< As I remember it, the dextrose (not glucose) is added to give it volume 
 to equal sugar, hence the name. >>

Ted --

Would that maybe be polydextrose instead of dextrose? (Sorry, I don't have any
Equal in the house to look.) I know that there's a company where I live (Terre
Haute, IN) that makes a non-caloric bulking agent to add to artificial
sweeteners to give it the same volume as sugar. I remember, back in the
beginning, that the plant (it's part of Pfizer) was run with seven people and
a computer to make all the whatever-it-was in the world. Stuff was sticky,
too, as I recall from doing a photo shoot where we tried to get the raw
product to sift down over some end-use products. This was back before computer
manipulation of photos and it was "fun" trying to patch things together to
make it look as if the stuff was raining down from a scoop. 

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