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Re: [IP] Insulin & Weight Gain?

Sam, you're right that insulin doesn't directly cause weight gain, but you
need insulin to use the stuff you eat.  Even fat cells require insulin to
make and store more fat.  When I use to take one shot a day in the morn,
and then later stuff myself, my BG would go into the stratosphere, my pee
would sweeten, but my body couldn't use all that extra food, because I
didn't take any more insulin. In fact if you keep the insulin too low you
start to LOSE weight because of fat metabolism.   So I still think that one
can control weight by keeping a relatively fixed daily insulin dose.
However with the pump it is really too easy to eat and bolus more, so I've
got to watch myself.

At 11:08 AM 3/4/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Donna, for me the answer is a big yes!  For the past 40 years of shooting
>up, I can attest that there was a very strong correlation between my weight
>and the amount of insulin I would take.

<<<As far as I know, insulin, per se does not directly cause a weight gain,
but added food could.

** Wayne **

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