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I, too, am having trouble recognizing lows. My endo says that I should eventually regain awareness when I stop having so many lows. I was having extreme highs and lows from 11/97 until going on the pump 12/98. I am just beginning to have less than 2 lows a week. I have been testing whenever I feel "odd" at all or do anything different (sometimes up to 8 times a day!) Right now possible signs are when "gravity is pulling at my face" or "I get spots in my eyes." However at night I'm not having any signs. Last night I awoke when my husband got up to go to the bathroom at 2:30 and I got up and tested - I was 52! I went to bed with a 152 (gave high bg bolus to bring to 120). I've also been waking up with some highs and I suspect I might be rebounding so will be testing to see if I need to change basal.
Good luck!
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