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Re: [IP] Insulin & Weight Gain?

Have experienced increase of weight with increase in insulin use. Since 
my primary doc turned me over to a CDE 9 weeks ago, my insulin daily 
dose has been reduced and I have added glucophage to my regimen. I fax 
my log (bgs and meals) to my CDE every Friday and I see her every 3 
weeks. My bgs have improved tremendously and I loss 6 pounds the last 3 
weeks. I have eliminated a lot of carbs and increased my protein during 
the past 2 months. This is probably contributing to my weight change. I 
maintain my exercise routine and at times worry that I may go hypo if I 
am not cafeful.

Gordon - a potential pump user whose carrier (Kaiser Hawaii) will not 
cover the pump cost.

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>At 12:19 PM 3/4/1999  Sam Skopp wrote:
>>As far as I know, insulin, per se does not directly cause a weight 
>>but added food could. I think this scenario would only true if she is
>>eating more to cover too much insulin. However, Donna says that she is
>>eating less. It is possible that she is not counting added stuff to 
>>low BGs... but, it's hard to tell.
>>So if the carb-count has not increased, then has the activity level
>>decreased? There is some factor at work here... I just don't know what 
>>is, based on the information we have.
>One added thought... if Donna had been running high BGs before her 
>in therapy, she could have needed more carbs to maintain a given 
weight. If 
>she is now under better control, she would probably need less carbs to 
>maintain the same weight.
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