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Re: [IP] trouble with MM

At 07:05 PM 3/4/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>That's what I undrstand MiniMed had sauid about it, which I thought was
>what you differed with?

Actually, I objected to the quote that said that it took the pressure of 
"two men & a boy" to press a key. That makes sound like the keys are a 
whole lot more difficult to push than they really are. Since these things 
are subjective, I know that they are hard to describe in words. To me, my 
MM507 takes a deliberate push, but not so much that makes it really 
difficult for me to do. But, as in everything else, YMMV.

>It's clear from the different shape of the keypad that the design was changed
>for some effect, seemingly easier response when the keys are pushed.

That's what I understand. It seems like a number of the units had an 
over-sensitive keypad, though. MM has been repairing them.


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