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Re: [IP] Those morning highs after breakfasts

At 08:10 PM 3/4/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I don't want to offend anyone but a couple of people have mentioned problems
>eating a tolerable breakfast (or even a very limited breakfast) without
>postprandial highs.  Is there any possibility that you are not adequately
>covering dawn phenomena (i.e., the duration of your coverage for it ) and
>secondly that you may need a different insulin per carb ratio for breakfast
>due to the normal morning rise of certain hormones that make you more insulin

No offense taken... in fact soon after going on the pump I discovered that 
I had both the dawn phenomena (starting around 2-3am) and was insulin 
resistant in the morning (until about 11am). Changing my basals to 
compensate helped take care of this problem. One of the neat things about 

Because of morning insulin resistance, some people also need to use a 
different bolus ratio in the morning (more insulin per carb) than they do 
during the rest of the day.


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