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Re: [IP] prednisone

check ketones..also make sure he drinks water.,,
I had to test every 4 hours and bolus in my case..it brought it down some.
he may get cravings for sugar..I got cravings for food..so ate veggies..
just do the best you can..I cannot remember if you have the MiniMed..if so use
the dual wave bolus,...just make sure he doesn;t get dehydrated.
wish there was more but there isn't/ Pred will play havoc..
just check more often..bolus..check ketones..keep hydrated..watch foods and
hope the reaction to the vaccine goes away.
How much pred is he on?  and will he be tapering down I hope?
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At 11:31 PM 3/4/99 , you wrote:
>You guys were right this stuff is bad news for bgs.Joe started am at 126, 2
>hours later after prednisone he was 423.We doubled all his basals and he
>stayed in the 400and 500 all day. He just came down to 236 at 8pm. Our endo
>said thats cuz prednisone wore off(only dosing once a day).We have to do this
>for 11 more days. The endo said prednisone makes you very insulin
>resistant.Any suggestions? We've doubled his basals and boluses, and we'll be
>trying again tomorrow.
>                           Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers ( 1 very sick little boy)
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