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[IP] Those morning highs after breakfasts

I don't want to offend anyone but a couple of people have mentioned problems
eating a tolerable breakfast (or even a very limited breakfast) without
postprandial highs.  Is there any possibility that you are not adequately
covering dawn phenomena (i.e., the duration of your coverage for it ) and
secondly that you may need a different insulin per carb ratio for breakfast
due to the normal morning rise of certain hormones that make you more insulin
resistant?  This is covered relatively well in "The Insulin Pump Therapy Book"
into by Jay S. Skyler, M.D., copyright 1995 by Minimed.  The only caveat is
that like most of the books, it is figures are based on regular and not
Humalog insulin.  When they talk about the 1500 sensitivity factor, it is
based on regular insulin.  For Humalog, I have seen an adaptation somewhere
for converting this to a 1800 sensitivity factor, I think it was on Lilly's
website through a link from here.
                     TTFN     Linda
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