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Re: [IP] trouble with MM

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 06:12 PM 3/4/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
> >Sam Skopp wrote:
> >>
> >> I have to disagree with what you were told. First, I have the older 507
> >> (not the C) and it does not take that much pressure to push the buttons. I
> >> think her response is a major exaggeration.
> >
> >Maybe, but my (now) former 506 took a fair bit of effort to register a
> >keypress.
> I wonder if the 507 keys are easier to push than the 506? Yes, I have to
> push relatively firmly, but no great effort. In fact I like it that way
> because I don't have to worry about accidental pushes.

That's what I undrstand MiniMed had sauid about it, which I thought was 
what you differed with?

It's clear from the different shape of the keypad that the design was changed
for some effect, seemingly easier response when the keys are pushed.

Ted Quick
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