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Re: [IP] what's your favorite cereal?

> I have noticed that potatoes, rice, some pasta, pizza and Chinese
> food always makes my bg high 2 hrs after and sometimes longer.  I
> have also noticed that my bg is always high 2 hrs after and then
> sometimes will be back down at 3 to 4 hrs after. 

These foods all have a high glycemic index. That is, the carbo 
content goes in 'quick', not as fast as a glucose tab, but darn fast. 
You can moderate the effect by eating (nice healthy) fatty items that 
will slow down the digestion of the starch and by (good habits) not 
chewing so well since saliva converts the starch directly to glucose 
even before it hits the stomach. So..... if you become a gluttonous 
pig, your bg's might be smoother, but.... heh.... heh.... you might 
gain a little weight. :-)

For more info on glycemic index, there are a couple of links on the 
web site.

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